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Hi there! I am an author who loves sharing my personal story and experiences to help others live and eat healthier. From reversing type 2 diabetes to struggling with a brain tumor diagnosis, I hope my story can inspire you on your journey toward improved physical and mental health. I invite you to check out my books and subscribe to my newsletter, where I share practical tips and information on how to eat and live well.

My books

I enjoy writing about my journey towards a stronger version of myself, both physically and mentally. My books are filled with stories, practical recipes, and tips to help you live and eat healthier.

Cover image for book: Anne Marie’s Family Favorite Recipes with a Caribbean Twist

Anne Marie’s Family Favorite Recipes with a Caribbean Twist is your go-to guide for a delicious and fun Caribbean dinner with your friends and family! With over 100 authentic and easy-to-follow favorites, straight from the table of local Caribbean families, your dinner table will never be the same.

Cover image for book: Positive Affirmation: Fear No More

Positive Affirmation: Fear No More provides you with practical and relatable tips on how to manage your diabetes, including what to eat and how to eat it. I share my story on how I reversed my type 2 diabetes!

About me

I am an author born and raised in St. Lucia in the Caribbean and now located in Madison, WI. I have been blessed with a beautiful local Caribbean community and Madison community, who inspired me to share my stories about my health and wellness. I hope to share my years of wisdom with you in hopes that you can benefit from my experiences with diabetes, food, and brain health. I invite you to learn more about me on my About Me page.

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